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Staffing Made Easy

We make it possible for companies and businesses from all industries to hire the best offshore multilingual global staffing at competitive prices. We work as a flexible extension of your team, freeing you to concentrate on your most important business goals while our high-caliber staff delivers first-rate client care at our beautiful and secure, PCI, SOC 2, and HIPAA-certified facilities. We make it hassle-free for you: low all-in hourly rate, no upfront fees, no hidden charges, and we don’t lock you in a long-term contract.







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Virtual staffing is the strategic choice for dynamic and business owners with unique requirements such as scaling capabilities, tailor-fit services, and flexible parameters. With over 1500+ engaged employees and counting, we support wide-ranging verticals that include finance, healthcare, retail, technology, and many more.

How does it work?


What’s Included?


Services Matrix


Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

We invest in fully understanding each of our client’s needs. Through our extensive experience and analytical systems, we can provide strategically designed solutions to offer. Each of our featured service caters to focus points in many small to medium businesses today.

Outbound Marketing
Virtual Medical Services
Technical Support
Virtual Administration
Can't Hire and Scale Talent
Vice President of Operations

Small Business Loans

We had aggressive sales targets and we struggled to attract & retain front-line business development agents to ramp revenues…

Virtual Staffing was able to staff and exceed continuously increasing targets on a monthly basis. We were so Impressed with their skill levels they now have career paths to pre qualifiers, funding advisor and even loan reconsideration specialist. They now even help with support positions in billing, collections, HR, recruiting, technical support, etc.

“Virtual Staffing has become an extension of our team enabling cost effective growth”

Cost to Serve Clients
Chief Operating Officer

Clinical Support

My customers were constantly complaining about service, not being able to schedule a visit, resulting in lost customers...


Virtual staffing helped me consolidate front desks across our offices standardizing processes and optimizing the customer life cycles. Local staff now have more time to spend with patients focusing on their care. They also generated growth by reaching out to customers proactively for check-ups and asking for referrals.


“Virtual staffing has allowed us to focus on our customers and not administration work”

Adding Customers
Chief Physician

Patient Monitoring

Our patient engagement and usage of monitoring devices was low resulting in customer churn and un happy patients.

Virtual Staffing worked with us to create a customer on-boarding journey that led to higher device installation rates. Then a customer strategy to keep patients engaged resulted in higher attrition and Improved satisfaction scores by assigning, “Engagement coaches”. The approach has helped us prevent numerous health issues. 

“Virtual Staffing Increased engagement, NPS scores, and retention”

Employee Downtime
Chief Technology Officer

Tech Support

Our help desk was overwhelmed with tickets, (3-5 day turn around times) and we couldn’t staff up due to budget constraints.

Virtual Staffing Identified tier 1 traffic, documented the processes, developed standardized trouble shooting steps, and Increasing 1st call resolution by over 50%. The labor cost savings and reduced repeat calls allowed us to answer calls in under 60 seconds within budget.

“The Virtual Staffing team helped us reduce down time and identify root cause Issues eliminating calls”

Are You Ready to
Accelerate Your Business?

We pride ourselves in being able to understand and anticipate our client's specific needs. Our combined experience in the industry allows us to discover your specific needs. This enables us to strategize and design tailored services perfect for your brand and business.

Make us your trusted outsourcing partner. Let's see what works for you and your team.

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